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Definition of Williwaw:

  1. Alt. of Willywaw


furor, clatter, scud, bustle, rumpus, squall, clutter, fuss, flurry, uproar, hurly-burly, to-do, hoo-ha, hubble-bubble, welter, stew, kerfuffle, ruction, helter-skelter, blow, shindy, ruckus, ballyhoo, foofaraw, do, pandemonium, hurricane, bobbery, splore, bother, row, stir, ado, pother, turmoil, hurry, hoopla, tumult, hubbub, zoo, hullabaloo, hurly, moil, alarums and excursions, fun, corroboree, coil, whirl, disturbance, windblast, bluster, blather, furore, storm, blast, hurry-scurry.