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Definition of constitute:

  1. To set up or establish; to make; to appoint; to empower.


imbed, pee-pee, advert, pull in, harmonize, symbolise, make believe, counterbalance, produce, ca-ca, put up, describe, wee, wee-wee, create, pee, develop, bring up, decree, seduce, exemplify, execute, charge, prepare, move into, realize, require, symbolize, piddle, cause, make up, force, commission, reach, forge, represent, pass, establish, live, get to, take shape, assign, refer, distinguish, complement, pay, interpret, start up, attach, piece together, crap, stand for, occasion, take a leak, pretend, defend, inaugurate, defecate, gain, ordain, bring about, come down to, prove, catch up with, take, shit, cook, earn, lay down, discover, hit, mould, settle, initiate, install, cost, clear, ready, define, draw, spend a penny, name, equal, conciliate, base, place, correspond, promulgate, organise, designate, amount, perform, legislate, typify, realise, put forward, become, consolidate, fix, appoint, present, Be, action, lay out, arrive at, set, go into, pioneer, puddle, do, progress to, originate, match up, shew, diagnose, score, stage, attain, plant, comprise, embed, start, urinate, spring, imprint, implant, authorize, show, feature, even off, compel, hold, pass water, bring in, even up, aggregate, cite, innovate, follow, launch, draft, incorporate, exist, manufacture, set up, work, micturate, epitomize, institute, mention, stool, blend, constrain, propose, begin, enter into, fashion, patch up, hang together, order, have, map, take a crap, list, play, take form, bring, politics, correct, enact, instal, stimulate, effect, nominate, characterize, even out, bring to pass, go with, give, cook up, open, engraft, key out, reconcile, render, act, organize, detail, consist, bring into being, compound, identify, call, make out, demonstrate, induce, make water, relieve oneself, personify, mold, throw, introduce, pay off, take a shit, ground, compensate, delegate, piss, get, contain, key, take in, found.

Usage examples: