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Definition of sappy:

  1. Abounding in sap; resembling, or consisting largely of, sapwood.
  2. Abounding with sap; full of sap; juicy; succulent.
  3. Hence, young, not firm; weak, feeble.
  4. Musty; tainted.
  5. Weak in intellect.


daft, effectual, succulent, fatuous, lunatic, around the bend, cracked, jerky, nonsensical, stupid, powerful, fool, featherheaded, featherbrained, slaphappy, soupy, feelings, watery, crackpot, goofy, treacly, unearthly, loony, haywire, balmy, soppy, histrionics, senseless, punch-drunk, dippy, sugary, potent, cockamamie, tear-jerking, slushy, light-headed, cloying, idiotic, theatrical, spoony, round the bend, giddy, harebrained, absurd, lush, loopy, dopey, dynamic, ability, sticky, nuts, screwball, fruity, knowledge, clownish, half-baked, witless, melodrama, simpleminded, illogical, batty, saccharine, softheaded, juicy, bubbleheaded, preposterous, imbecilic, chocolate-box, sugarcoated, kooky, foolish, cuckoo, mad, wacky, airheaded, buggy, gushy, buffoonish, bats, ridiculous, buffoonish, wet, empty-headed, cockeyed, sobby, dizzy, insane, silly, inept, zany, bathetic, tomfool, unreasonable, nutty, drippy, brainless, lunkheaded, kookie, unwise, lightheaded, lovey-dovey, cockamamy, moronic, daffy, active, novelettish, asinine, dotty, loco, barmy, hysterics, pathetic, weak-minded, bonkers, clownlike, half-witted, whacky, crackers, crazy, theatricals.

Usage examples: