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Definition of twisting:

  1. Contortion.
  2. Forming convolutions; becoming contorted.


involved, torturing, swirl, optical aberration, pass, winding, moving, rambling, curling, spin, voluminous, strain, sinuous, crack, eddy, writhing, braid, go, commotion, offer, tailspin, torment, tortuous, wiggling, curled, twirl, knotty, wriggly, distorted shape, anguish, wind, wrench, windy, turn of events, devious, straining, curved, overrefinement, wandering, distortion, tress, crooked, agony, torture, whirl, gimmick, tangled, wiggly, kink, twisted, pull, convolution, squirming, twisty, turn, crook, aberration, copious, plait, vortex, construction, wriggling, crazy, device, curvy, bend, twist, fling.

Usage examples: