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Definition of united:

  1. Combined; joined; made one.
  2. of or relating to two people who are married to each other
  3. of Unite


group, next to, consolidated, married, federate, incorporated, merged, unsegmented, compatible, in agreement, common, attached, conjunctive, allied, next door, near, communal, unified, FIFA, kindred, in association with, in unison, together, nearby, division, combined, unitary, multiple, suprasegmental, tied, fused, cohesive, glue, unification, beside, the FA Cup, mutual, amalgamated, football, Australian Rules football, congenial, one, unpartitioned, integrated, unify, public, by mutual/common consent, unanimous, undivided, federated, cooperative, confederative, in company with, coupled, nonsegmental, conjunct, close, alongside, amalgamate, favourable, confederate, in league, conjugated, agreeable, leg, multilateral, Gaelic football, unity, concerted, bilateral, coalesced, conjugate, joined, footballer, joint, amicable, agreed, in accord with, football player, flag football, linked, incorporate, favorable, at one with, frictionless, conjoint, collaborative, unite.

Usage examples: