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Definition of enthusiastic:

  1. Alt. of Enthusiastical
  2. An enthusiast; a zealot.


fevered, ardent, breathless, keyed up, overenthusiastic, crazy, desiring, delighted, glowing, agog, partial, impatient, gushing, impulsive, heated, hot, vehement, steadfast, devoted, psyched, fascinated, zealous, desirous, effusive, warm, voracious, overeager, lethargic, sedulous, inspired, indefatigable, avid, great, anxious, enthused, effervescent, detached, pleased, flushed, aspiring, inclined, longing, keen, thrilled, interested, impetuous, opposed, nuts, yearning, mad, intent, indifferent, transported, sanguine, concern, possessed, ebullient, assiduous, sluggish, concerned, athirst, ecstatic, forward, resolute, vivacious, willing, tireless, intense, rapturous, absorbed, fervid, evangelistic, rapt, reluctant, eager, excitable, rabid, gung ho, mercurial, feverish, maniacal, crazy about, Evangelical, ambitious, inflamed, diligent, dull, importunate, sleepless.

Usage examples: