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Definition of excogitate:

  1. To cogitate.
  2. To think out; to find out or discover by thinking; to devise; to contrive.


meditate, cogitate, deliberate, articulate, muse, hypothecate, formulate, give voice, machinate, get up, manufacture, form, prepare, reverberate, contemplate, suppose, reason, word, conjecture, devise, think out, ponder, fabricate, turn over, chew on, project, develop, organize, entertain, mull, think over, design, cook up, make up, job, plan, forge, work, reflect, study, think through, shape, consider, organise, theorise, chew over, hypothesise, hypothesize, mull over, educe, mould, think, shine, invent, evolve, ruminate, theorize, spurt, mold, fake, throw, revolve, cast, hammer, explicate, contrive, phrase, weigh, speculate, derive, spirt, counterfeit, fashion.

Usage examples: