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Definition of glowing:

  1. of Glow


intense, gleam, radiance, creamy, perfervid, incandescence, earnest, longing, desirous, lambent, lucent, flushed, ardent, animated, yearning, vehement, lambency, hot-blooded, heated, refulgency, colors, aglow, zealous, eager, flaming, enthusiastic, shine, dithyrambic, live, anxious, impatient, impassioned, fresh, luminous, full-blooded, ruddy, rubicund, rosy, glow, peaches-and-cream, freshness, beautiful, florid, luminescence, importunate, fervid, intent, refulgence, effulgence, fervent, sanguine, keen, flush, bright, red-hot, passionate, impetuous, radiancy, feelings, blooming.

Usage examples: