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Definition of sarcastic:

  1. Alt. of Sarcastical


saturnine, disillusioned, contumelious, austere, bitter, mockery, snarling, carping, biting, snickering, ironical, chaffing, caustic, smart-mouthed, pungent, sneering, acrid, satirical, scalding, acrimonious, corrosive, cynical, twitting, laugh, barbed, burlesque, acid, respect, nipping, acidic, quizzical, scorching, Rabelaisian, Hudibrastic, mordant, taunting, black, sneering, pert, severe, harsh, scurrile, acerbic, unbelieving, lampoon, satiric, cutting, mock, wry, irascible, captious, smart-aleck, snide, jeer, hostile, tart, acerb, smart-alecky, brusque, offensive, scathing, laughter, snarky, mordacious, grim, acidulous, custard pie, sardonic.

Usage examples: