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Definition of boldness:

  1. The state or quality of being bold.


self-reliance, organisation, dare, brass, familiarity, aspect, establishment, daredeviltry, salience, trust, courtesy, sassiness, daring, typeface, chutzpah, pertness, nerve, assumption, daringness, self-assertion, validity, hardiness, adventurousness, organization, forwardness, presumption, audaciousness, self-confidence, look, robustness, venturousness, disrespect, overconfidence, incivility, impudence, nervus, impudency, assertion, administration, grimace, font, uppishness, attitude, safety, governance, facial expression, strikingness, human face, pushiness, side, venturesomeness, brass instrument, hardihood, lustiness, adventuresomeness, expression, heart, plaque, face, case, crust, uppityness, memorial tablet, assurance, brass section, cheekiness, nerviness, gall, cheek, daredevilry, buttock, sauce, fount, saliency, governing body.

Usage examples: