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Definition of cuckoo:

  1. A well- known bird, so called from its note in spring.


cunt, screwy, stupid, deranged, bluejay, asinine, crackbrained, bantam, budgie, slit, silly, unsound, dotty, dippy, non compos mentis, laughable, crazy, tomfool, crackers, wacko, childish, song, hombre, gaga, barmy, kook, goof, meshuga, lunkheaded, over-the-top, preposterous, senseless, unbalanced, loony, dingbat, half-witted, cockeyed, weirdie, twat, nonsensical, maniacal, featherheaded, screwball, lunatic, snatch, inept, ridiculous, scatty, ludicrous, nuts, kooky, merry andrew, fatuous, bird of paradise, certifiable, fool, pussy, jackass, moonstruck, simpleminded, bedlam, mental, cock-a-doodle-doo, wacky, brainsick, birdsong, weirdo, cat, nutty, half-baked, unwise, cranky, bobwhite, wud, absurd, bughouse, ding-a-ling, bubbleheaded, batty, mad, buffoon, puss, demented, not in your right mind/not right in the head, eccentric, daffy, wise, weak-minded, goofball, fathead, crackpot, shriek, witless, loco, crank, brainless, jack, guy, psycho, harebrained, insane, unhinged, budgerigar, crazed, sappy, jerky, balmy, daft, haywire, bats, goose, loony tunes, psychotic, bonkers, clown, fruity, bozo, cracked, nut, zany.

Usage examples: