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Definition of imbibe:

  1. To drink in; to absorb; to suck or take in; to receive as by drinking; as, a person imbibes drink, or a sponge imbibes moisture.
  2. To receive or absorb into the mind and retain; as, to imbibe principles; to imbibe errors.
  3. To saturate; to imbue.


gain, suckle, guide, kowtow, adopt, tope, string, pull back, gather in, quarter, salute, clear, scoop, delineate, gull, cotton up, force, toast, consume, draw off, nurse, immerse, take out, guzzle, thread, exhaust, quaff, puff, toady, get, truckle, belt, pull out, steep, assume, fasten on, scoop up, give suck, have, fawn, go down on, disembowel, engross, tie, lush, line, latch on, drag, swig, put one over, see, pull, wassail, fuddle, plunge, borrow, drink, lift out, receive, eviscerate, ingest, take in, take over, fellate, tank up, watch, kotow, draw in, mouth, swallow, sidle up, blow, realise, suck, view, draw, wet-nurse, digest, swallow up, collect, make, cast, reap, occupy, suck up, start, engage, shine up, cozy up, absorb, put on, sop up, befool, take up, nip, soak, assimilate, get out, tipple, earn, engulf, sip, suck in, seize on, give, dupe, lactate, Drugs, pass, soak up, drink up, overhear, describe, run, hook on, scoop out, take, attract, cod, drink in, draw and quarter, sorb, bring in, strike, play up, breastfeed, sup, booze, accept, toss down, depict, put one across, realize, resume, pull on, fool, pull in, slang, catch, withdraw, pledge, invite, trace, bootlick.

Usage examples: