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Definition of jab:

  1. A thrust or stab.
  2. To thrust; to stab; to punch. See Job, v. t.


laggard, excavation, gibe, jar, garget, antibiotic, dawdler, compass, antidepressant, grind, prodding, grasp, travail, jibe, arm-wrestling, cross, get the picture, jog, hollow, carrier bag, turn over, labour, drudge, dab, pigeon berry, thrust aside, poke, shoulder, anabolic steroid, denounce, labor, sack, lick, decry, bout, touch, jabbing, bare-knuckle, apprehend, paper bag, slam, scoke, lambast, driving force, count out, biff, shove, knife, stab, cry foul, digging, dig, trailer, nose, thrust, thrusting, lunge, egg on, thump, incite, dig up, pound, push, dig out, bantamweight, nudge, drone, cut into, pry, corner, boxing, lagger, heave, anticoagulant, bash, pillory, bring/call/hold someone to account, anesthetic, prod, intrude, condemn, antidote, drive, savvy, comprehend, delve, moil, amphetamine, horn in, boxer, barb, poking, hit, shot, excavate, strain, box, knife thrust, blow, anaesthetic, punch, slug, slate, antacid, archeological site, shaft, grok, poke at, clout, toil, analgesic.

Usage examples: