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Definition of married:

  1. Of or pertaining to marriage; derived from marriage; connubial; nuptial; hymeneal; as, matrimonial rights or duties.


estranged, hymeneal, joined, live-in, divorced, in the state of matrimony, marriage of convenience, conjugal rights, matrimonial, common law, fancy-free, available, connubial, de facto, espoused, nuptial, conjugal, wedded, living in the married state, joined in holy matrimony, consummation, marital, given in marriage, mated, united, ringed, spousal, engaged, marriage, civil partnership, arranged marriage, footloose, wed, lone.

Usage examples:

  • About to be married?

    - "Fantômas", Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.
  • Lord Mauleverer had never married.

    - "Paul Clifford, Volume 3.", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
  • Why should he have to be married to this old lady?

    - "Christopher and Columbus", Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim.