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Definition of tabby:

  1. A brindled cat; hence, popularly, any cat.
  2. A kind of waved silk, usually called watered silk, manufactured like taffeta, but thicker and stronger. The watering is given to it by calendering.
  3. A mixture of lime with shells, gravel, or stones, in equal proportions, with an equal proportion of water. When dry, this becomes as hard as rock.
  4. An old maid or gossip.
  5. Brindled; diversified in color; as, a tabby cat.
  6. Having a wavy or watered appearance; as, a tabby waistcoat.
  7. To water; to cause to look wavy, by the process of calendering; to calender; as, to tabby silk, mohair, ribbon, etc.


pussycat, king, Siamese cat, gossipmonger, kitty, brindle, tomcat, tattletale, brindled, female monarch, tabby cat, queen regnant, gossiper, brinded, blab, patterned, calico cat, talebearer, words, queen mole rat, taleteller, world-beater, tom, mouser, queen, pussy, rumormonger, newsmonger, yenta, puss, telltale, gossip, tattle, whisperer, tattler, scandalmonger.

Usage examples: