Antonyms of VINDICTIVE

Examples of usage:

  1. After that she knew no more save that the sea seemed to rush in a great flood, with a sudden vindictive roar, into the room. "The Captives" by Hugh Walpole
  2. Pictures and scenes from the last few days flashed through my mind: the vindictive look in Helen's eyes after the fight with Woods; that table being wheeled out of Helen's room at the hospital, with the moaning white bundle on it; the upturned car pricked out of the darkness by the automobile lamps, and finally, Frank Woods' face when he heard that Helen had been in the car. "32 Caliber" by Donald McGibeny
  3. He left the fire; he put the ax away softly in a corner; he sat down in his old place, deliberately self- abandoned to a frenzy of vindictive joy. "The Frozen Deep" by Wilkie Collins
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