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Definition of will:

  1. Arbitrary disposal; power to control, dispose, or determine.
  2. As an auxiliary, will is used to denote futurity dependent on the verb. Thus, in first person, " I will" denotes willingness, consent, promise; and when " will" is emphasized, it denotes determination or fixed purpose; as, I will go if you wish; I will go at all hazards. In the second and third persons, the idea of distinct volition, wish, or purpose is evanescent, and simple certainty is appropriately expressed; as, " You will go," or " He will go," describes a future event as a fact only. To emphasize will denotes ( according to the tone or context) certain futurity or fixed determination.
  3. Strong wish or inclination; desire; purpose.
  4. That which is strongly wished or desired.
  5. The choice or determination of one who has authority; a decree; a command; discretionary pleasure.
  6. The choice which is made; a determination or preference which results from the act or exercise of the power of choice; a volition.
  7. The legal declaration of a person's mind as to the manner in which he would have his property or estate disposed of after his death; the written instrument, legally executed, by which a man makes disposition of his estate, to take effect after his death; testament; devise. See the Note under Testament, 1.
  8. The power of choosing; the faculty or endowment of the soul by which it is capable of choosing; the faculty or power of the mind by which we decide to do or not to do; the power or faculty of preferring or selecting one of two or more objects.
  9. To be willing; to be inclined or disposed; to be pleased; to wish; to desire.
  10. To enjoin or command, as that which is determined by an act of volition; to direct; to order.
  11. To exercise an act of volition; to choose; to decide; to determine; to decree.
  12. To form a distinct volition of; to determine by an act of choice; to ordain; to decree.
  13. To give or direct the disposal of by testament; to bequeath; to devise; as, to will one's estate to a child; also, to order or direct by testament; as, he willed that his nephew should have his watch.
  14. To wish; to desire; to incline to have.


get out, purpose, decisiveness, vacillation, can, at any time, bond, self-mastery, go forth, yearn, self-command, depart, affidavit, preference, motivation, codicil, do something of your own accord, pleasure, drive, there's no stopping someone, lust after, covenant, come into, give, be agreeable to something, energy, come to, be descended from, go away, criminal record, volition, fancy, pull up stakes, won't take no for an answer, leave, readiness, accord, set off, doubt, forget, inaugurate, clause, instructions, form, birthright, content yourself with something, strong, allow for, dispensation, trigger, certain, and damn the consequences/expense etc., shall, start off, cannot, must, willing, conviction, self-possession, invent, make, toughness, disposition, self-control, resolve, perseverance, may, provide, any time, bring about, resoluteness, ought, create, decidedness, contract, aspire, go out, restraint, could, might, should, beneficiary, claimant, decision, aspiration, if it kills you, dynamism, if it's the last thing I do, want, brief, crave, look for, bestowal, pass on, wild horses couldn't..., self-determination, leave alone, self-containment, I/we etc. will not rest until..., conveyance, long, in for a penny, in for a pound, ...or bust, result, firmness, exit, article, mind, entrust, self-restraint, self-government, purposefulness, autonomy, bequeath, cut off, allow, stand for, impart, have your heart set on (doing) something, self-discipline, liking, bequest, volunteer, testament, wish, catalyze, hope, leave behind, willpower, come down to, free, resolution, like, be only too glad/pleased/happy (to do something), continence, lead, used to.

Usage examples:

  • Do you think it will?

    - "The Wreckers of Sable Island", J. Macdonald Oxley.
  • And will you give it to her?

    - "Shadow Mountain", Dane Coolidge.
  • " If you don't I will," replied Curley.

    - "Hopalong Cassidy", Clarence E. Mulford.