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Definition of animated:

  1. Endowed with life; full of life or spirit; indicating animation; lively; vigorous.
  2. of Animate


ethereal, aerial, reanimated, animate, hopping, snappy, vibrant, letterbox, feature-length, light, bouncy, pert, chipper, bouncing, abuzz, astir, alive, spirited, humming, jazzy, art-house, gay, kinetic, joyous, dashing, enlivened, spanking, full of life, springy, indie, sparky, airy, lifelike, 3-D, noir, lively, jaunty, moving, flourishing, living, frolicsome, documentary, pizzazzy, buzzing, rousing, thriving, aboil, revived, happening, high-spirited, perky, happy, live, awake, vital, study atalive, racy, action, fairylike, split-screen, abubble, black-and-white.

Usage examples: