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Definition of glom:

Synonyms for glom:

land, trap, arrest, snap, denounce, purloin, betray, lift, liquidate, pick up, soak, help yourself to something, scratch off, give away, solicit, grapple, gazump, snare, tell on, snag, pinch, do in, rob, get, fling off, loot, overcharge, cop, neutralise, grab, accost, surcharge, drop, snitch, hook, apprehend, pilfer, capture, nab, corral, neutralize, mug, snatch, snarf, collar, shave, grass, fleece, nobble, stag, cabbage, walk off with, dash off, crochet, knock off, pluck, abstract, plume, seize, rat, toss off, bag, plunder, net, addict, rap, swipe, sneak, steal, waste, filch, run away with, shop, thieve, burgle, nail, shit.

Usage examples: