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Definition of idealistic:

Synonyms for idealistic:

marvelous, tremendous, sublime, quixotical, raised, quixotic, impractical, reverend, high-sounding, visionary, high-minded, starry, soaring, gallant, luxurious, unrealistic, eminent, marvellous, empyreal, proud, sumptuous, towering, hopeful, real, heroic, optimistic, princely, starry-eyed, lordly, distinguished, noble, rarefied, noble-minded, exalted, inflated, forward-looking, howling, unrealistic, lofty, utopian, wonderful, rarified, deluxe, in the fond hope that, hope, majestic, terrific, visionary, opulent, high-flown, rattling, expansive, bullish, uplifted, wondrous, grand, august, fantastic, rare, ideal, empyrean, romantic, gilded, imposing, idealist, elevated, positive, magisterial.

Usage examples: