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Definition of knock-down:

Synonyms for knock-down:

kill, reduce, drink down, knock out, toss off, belt down, cut out, bedight, bolt down, push aside, push down, bring down, decrease, floor, bedeck, halve, beautify, dismantle, turn down, strike down, gut, crucify, grace, drop, demolish, strong, slash, devour, knock, pillory, trim back, deck, shoot, flatten, down, take aback, cut back, shrivel, beat, blow out of the water, embellish, punch someone's lights out, close your mind to something, shoot down, nail, underprice, smash, take down, savage, ravage, dump, damage, consume, wreck, decorate, shell, trim down, pour down, dismiss, powerful, top-slice, lay out, pop, cut down, spurn, rase, raze, trim, plunge, polish, trample, put your foot down, boom, tear down, minimize, drub, fine-tune, mow, cut, coldcock, pull down, destroy, fell, shock, level, refine, ditch, ignore, ball over, hit, devastate, not hear of it, blare, adorn, condemn, land, blast, lower, thrash, deceive yourself, go through, erode.