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Definition of maybe:

  1. Perhaps; possibly; peradventure.
  2. Possibility; uncertainty.
  3. Possible; probable, but not sure.


obtainable, bingo, may, conceivable, every so often, not that I'm aware of, why not...?, reportedly, could, perchance, what, feasible, occasional, as it may be, speculative, by chance, what if...?, I would think/imagine/hope etc., infrequent, I thought (that), certain, do with, mayhap, maybe so, what's gotten into someone?, fair, around, spasmodic, rumor/word/legend has it that, God willing, occasionally, credible, might, wind and weather permitting, where has someone/something gotten to?, just, what has/will become of, possibly, can be, could be, intermittent, presumably, anyway, hum, kindly, perhaps, what (has) happened to something, (every) now and then/again, sporadic, it/that depends, conservative, about, I dare say, it's just a thought, sometimes, peradventure, keep, might be, how, how about...?, some, from time to time, in the cards.

Usage examples: