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Definition of nipping:

  1. Biting; pinching; painful; destructive; as, a nipping frost; a nipping wind.
  2. of Nip


glacial, jaunty, nappy, barbellate, rattling, burry, frigid, cold, natty, rimy, acrid, whipping, pungent, zippy, sarcastic, parky, bristly, crisp, briary, burred, brisk, biting, bristled, barbed, icy, frozen, crispy, rakish, merry, spruce, mordacious, raffish, curt, snappish, spiny, terse, alert, dashing, thorny, wintry, spiffy, bitter, laconic, prickly, frizzy, snappy, spanking, setaceous, nippy, frosty, frizzly, dapper, rimed, lively, setose, briery, kinky, sharp.

Usage examples: