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Definition of revivify:

  1. To cause to revive.


recompense, strengthen, freshen, accelerate, remediate, inspire, recover, hearten, mend, furbish up, recharge, freshen up, resuscitate, speed, bushel, renovate, rekindle, fight off, animize, nurse, rejuvenate, resurrect, enliven, revitalize, shake, rewake, doctor, resort, help, refurbish, vivify, compensate, cheer, play, liven up, restore, pull through, heal, rewaken, recreate, renew, touch on, survive, remedy, repair, animise, invigorate, liven, regenerate, reactivate, refreshen, reinvigorate, whet, respond, reawaken, speed up, revive, reanimate, rectify, exalt, bring around, refresh, amend, indemnify, embolden, live, restitute, strong, animate, awareness, quicken, come to, fix.

Usage examples: