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Definition of spent:

  1. Consumed; deprived of its original force or qualities.


purposeless, futile, beaten, all in, beat, inefficient, defective, bushed, fatigued, tired out, useless, bleary, logy, jaded, washed-out, dozy, drowsy, faulty, dead, wearied, pathetic, weary, tuckered, fagged, done in, run-down, pointless, dog-tired, wasted, done, prostrate, exhausted, rundown, sleepy, knackered, gone, worn, limp, burned-out, worn-down, wiped out, expended, on your last legs, worn-out, worthless, finished, tired, lost, tapped out, pooped, aweary, health, drained, ineffective, played out, ready to drop, weariful.

Usage examples: