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Definition of unkempt:

  1. Fig.; Not smoothed; unpolished; rough.
  2. Not combed; disheveled; as, an urchin with unkempt hair.


muddled, coiffed, blowsy, bald, balding, frowsy, mussy, bedhead, pell-mell, littered, confused, untidy, tumbled, topsy-turvy, hugger-mugger, chaotic, rumpled, mussed, messed, cluttered, bad hair day, disarranged, disarrayed, upside-down, slipshod, slobby, disordered, body, higgledy-piggledy, uncombed, bushy, close-cropped, ungroomed, bouffant, tousled, jumbled, slobbish, bristly, order, sloven.

Usage examples: