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Definition of unwrap:

  1. To open or undo, as what is wrapped or folded.


fall upon, part, ruin, crack, interrupt, get word, betray, husk, happen upon, violate, bankrupt, describe, burst, break out, fall in, see, give away, introduce, utter, loosen, split up, exhibit, bump, give out, give way, stop, discontinue, take out of wrappings, cave in, uncase, distinguish, attain, rat, break down, bring on, go, get a line, get wind, widen, offend, erupt, issue, conk out, develop, denude, hear, key, find out, breach, founder, break, tell on, get out, fail, fall apart, dampen, bring out, notice, bust, publish, intermit, recrudesce, put out, pause, light upon, learn, find, observe, denounce, unclothe, break-dance, produce, shit, chance on, peel, strip, snap off, dismantle, smash, release, go against, wear out, scupper, set off, give, peril, fracture, better, separate, name, kick downstairs, flay, damp, break up, endanger, split, undo, key out, unpack, lay open, lay bare, divulge, shop, come upon, let on, untie, grass, relegate, detect, wear, break in, let out, unmake, weaken, pick up, emit, die, divest, get around, infract, let loose, soften, unroll, snitch, break off, display, shuck, check, identify, go bad, chance upon, demote, transgress, break away, come across, free, stag, debunk, strike, come apart, collapse.

Usage examples: