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Definition of open:

  1. Free of access; not shut up; not closed; affording unobstructed ingress or egress; not impeding or preventing passage; not locked up or covered over; -- applied to passageways; as, an open door, window, road, etc.; also, to inclosed structures or objects; as, open houses, boxes, baskets, bottles, etc.; also, to means of communication or approach by water or land; as, an open harbor or roadstead.
  2. Free or cleared of obstruction to progress or to view; accessible; as, an open tract; the open sea.
  3. Free to be used, enjoyed, visited, or the like; not private; public; unrestricted in use; as, an open library, museum, court, or other assembly; liable to the approach, trespass, or attack of any one; unprotected; exposed.
  4. Free; disengaged; unappropriated; as, to keep a day open for any purpose; to be open for an engagement.
  5. Not closed or stopped with the finger; - said of the string of an instrument, as of a violin, when it is allowed to vibrate throughout its whole length.
  6. Not concealed or secret; not hidden or disguised; exposed to view or to knowledge; revealed; apparent; as, open schemes or plans; open shame or guilt.
  7. Not drawn together, closed, or contracted; extended; expanded; as, an open hand; open arms; an open flower; an open prospect.
  8. Not of a quality to prevent communication, as by closing water ways, blocking roads, etc.; hence, not frosty or inclement; mild; - used of the weather or the climate; as, an open season; an open winter.
  9. Not settled or adjusted; not decided or determined; not closed or withdrawn from consideration; as, an open account; an open question; to keep an offer or opportunity open.
  10. or unobstructed space; clear land, without trees or obstructions; open ocean; open water.
  11. Produced by an open string; as, an open tone.
  12. To bark on scent or view of the game.
  13. To begin; to commence; as, the stock opened at par; the battery opened upon the enemy.
  14. To disclose; to reveal; to interpret; to explain.
  15. To enter upon; to begin; as, to open a discussion; to open fire upon an enemy; to open trade, or correspondence; to open a case in court, or a meeting.
  16. To expand; to spread out; to be disclosed; as, the harbor opened to our view.
  17. To loosen or make less compact; as, to open matted cotton by separating the fibers.
  18. To make known; to discover; also, to render available or accessible for settlements, trade, etc.
  19. To make or set open; to render free of access; to unclose; to unbar; to unlock; to remove any fastening or covering from; as, to open a door; to open a box; to open a room; to open a letter.
  20. To spread; to expand; as, to open the hand.
  21. To unclose; to form a hole, breach, or gap; to be unclosed; to be parted.
  22. Uttered with a relatively wide opening of the articulating organs; - said of vowels; as, the an far is open as compared with the a in say.
  23. Uttered, as a consonant, with the oral passage simply narrowed without closure, as in uttering s.
  24. Without reserve or false pretense; sincere; characterized by sincerity; unfeigned; frank; also, generous; liberal; bounteous; - applied to personal appearance, or character, and to the expression of thought and feeling, etc.


impolite, unreserved, distribute, go around, give, apparent, undetermined, clear, usable, hand, straight, control surface, contribute, present, ease up, unrestricted, turn over, surface, extensive, dissipate, susceptive, conspicuous, escaped, aerofoil, apart, idle, owned, debatable, insecure, pioneer, devote, operative, promiscuous, consecrate, allowable, introduced, feed, on the fence, make, spacious, unbuttoned, apply, inconsiderate, initiated, unaffixed, dedicate, pass, unblocked, readable, reach, refused, sensory, brusk, undecided, penetrable, unmortgaged, show, throw, removed, employable, straight-from-the-shoulder, disseminate, outspoken, indefinite, render, plainspoken, give way, circularize, blustering, rude, scatter, on the loose, permitted, possible, out-of-doors, open up, disperse, string out, collapse, stretch, sacrifice, utilizable, circularise, point-blank, heart-to-heart, unguarded, rough, blossom out, stretch out, full-blown, unprotected, open-door, rent, public, firm, vindicated, capable, well-known, propagate, unfold, centripetal, unsure, sluttish, lax, coarse, return, wanton, assailable, cave in, impart, blossom, closed, unsolved, amenable, uncertain, wide, afford, accept, blossom forth, percipient, subject, clean, man-to-man, adequate to, free, fan out, absolved, turn out, dissonant, expansive, clear-cut, tight, leave, gift, establish, extend, at large, safe, abrupt, responsive, founder, yield, spread out, welcoming, chip in, restricted, kick in, cleared, grant, rotate, splay, begun, dependent, operable, admissible, straight-shooting, pay, acceptant, liberal, informal, barred, straight-out, free-spoken, open-minded, protection, forthright, broadcast, unmannerly, slack, uncivil, fall in, unsafe, outdoors, bold, certain, break, move over, undefendable, expand, pass on, vague, commit, inaugurated, opened, controversial, open air, circulate, unfastened, unclouded, questionable, generate, untied, decipherable, spread, solid, exonerated, well-defined, airy, easy, pass around, overspread, taken, diffuse, airfoil, loose, receptive, up to, light, equal to, indeterminate, bluff, obvious, secluded, able, hold, have, unsettled, practicable, exculpated, unresolved, unoccupied, clean-cut, undefended, uninhabited, discourteous.

Usage examples:

  • She had heard the door open.

    - "Cosmopolis, Complete", Paul Bourget Last Updated: March 3, 2009.
  • Open the door and let us out."

    - "Jeanne of the Marshes", E. Phillips Oppenheim.
  • Here, take it to Mr. Pelby, he will open it for you.

    - "Home Scenes, and Home Influence A Series of Tales and Sketches", T. S. Arthur.