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Definition of dislocate:

  1. Dislocated.
  2. To displace; to put out of its proper place. Especially, of a bone: To remove from its normal connections with a neighboring bone; to put out of joint; to move from its socket; to disjoint; as, to dislocate your bones.


sneak, slip one's mind, drop off, stain, disable, displace, rotate, spoil, slue, cut, shake, mar, relocate, take its toll, budge, shuffle, disrupt, drop away, steal, bruise, reposition, mark, injure, turn out, fall away, strain, disjoint, damage, disfigure, slew, transpose, spread out, shift, move, disarray, harm, burn, wound, slip, luxate, throw out, err, splay, skid, slide, mistake, mix, help, divide, disunite, hurt, remove, break, transfer.

Usage examples: