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Definition of put:

  1. A certain game at cards.
  2. A prostitute.


come in, dictate, barf, baffle, vagabond, redact, amaze, aim, rate, purge, gear up, ordinate, clothe, put together, frame up, tell, endue, adjust, stake, regorge, willing, ascribe, vest, project, fix up, define, fructify, enjoin, puzzle, gravel, keep, set by, dumbfound, impute, put option, mystify, flummox, put up, indue, draw up, stage, rank, entrap, regularize, wager, invest, pitch, venture, gambling, hurtle, designate, allot, countersink, settle, words, intrust, coiffe, go down, throw, put in, dress, roll, drift, upchuck, gamble, go, rear, format, jell, set, drop, direct, impose, lay away, position, precise, identify, trust, set apart, gift, rig, prescribe, institutionalise, risk, regulate, stray, estimate, over, tack, ask, come out, sit, translate, show, border, determine, mark, ensnare, do, formulate, cast off, rise, portion, frame, send, posture, devote, effect, correct, specify, pose, cat, lay aside, lay, wander, rove, disgorge, localise, govern, render, vent, state, confide, consecrate, model, charge, mold, vomit up, ventilate, edit, grade, ramble, approximate, stick, chuck, give, endow, impersonate, shed, perpetrate, instal, erect, present, target, sick, cast, lay up, throw up, coif, honk, seat, commit, roam, practice, spue, raise, frame in, effectuate, construe, mould, dedicate, limit, enthrone, attribute, swan, get, air, bet, delegate, coiffure, assign, congeal, vex, vomit, induct, spew, retch, order, throw away, sic, piece, site, typeset, shake off, point, lay in, adorn, quarter, lay by, be sick, word, levy, lay out, draw, perplex, assemble, arrogate, couch, save, regularise, compose, reckon, tack together, contrive, assess, launch, place, regurgitate, put down, say, exact, salt away, beat, express, ready, arrange, deposit, depute, throw off, puke, phrase, empower, repose, entrust, nonplus, go under, tramp, ordain, bewilder, personate, localize, stupefy, range, set up, institutionalize, prepare, pull, hurl, obligation.

Usage examples: