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Definition of omen:

  1. An occurrence supposed to portend, or show the character of, some future event; any indication or action regarded as a foreshowing; a foreboding; a presage; an augury.
  2. To divine or to foreshow by signs or portents; to have omens or premonitions regarding; to predict; to augur; as, to omen ill of an enterprise.


mark, tip-off, bespeak, signal, annunciate, count on, figure, symbol, warn, portend, prefiguring, auspicate, type, bode, betoken, forecasting, estimate, point, anticipate, prognostic, prognosticate, prognostication, foresight, emblem, foretell, foretelling, calculate, announce, prefigurement, foreshadow, prodigy, vaticination, preview, litmus test, portent, forecast, reckon, call, augur, presage, predict, indicate, forebode, auspice, foreboding, prefigure, forerunner, manifestation, note, promise, token.

Usage examples: