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Definition of pip:

  1. A contagious disease of fowls, characterized by hoarseness, discharge from the nostrils and eyes, and an accumulation of mucus in the mouth, forming a " scale" on the tongue. By some the term pip is restricted to this last symptom, the disease being called roup by them.
  2. A seed, as of an apple or orange.
  3. One of the conventional figures or spots on playing cards, dominoes, etc.
  4. To cry or chirp, as a chicken; to peep.


blot, whip, come to, maculation, film, dart, office, dapple, slay, smudge, frivol away, flash, score, scud, sprout, worst, bit, dissipate, lash, blister, mop up, bourgeon, germinate, whisk, trounce, pit, shoot down, flog, fritter, photograph, speckle, berth, inject, fool, fleck, smirch, mop, finish off, blip, stumble, kernel, finish up, stain, scoot, buck, spotlight, slur, place, fritter away, make, post, clear up, polish off, billet, arrive at, pullulate, off, gain, dispatch, daub, start, hit, radar target, position, wrap up, charge, remove, dash, spud, fool away, reach, welt, murder, slash, attain, scald, get through, tear, strike, situation, take, collide with, run into, bump off, strap, impinge on, tally, burgeon forth, spot, shoot, blast, lather, point, smear, topographic point, touch, snap, rack up, patch, wipe up.

Usage examples: