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Definition of sluggish:

  1. Characteristic of a sluggard; dull; stupid; tame; simple.
  2. Habitually idle and lazy; slothful; dull; inactive; as, a sluggish man.
  3. Having no power to move one's self or itself; inert.
  4. Slow; having little motion; as, a sluggish stream.


poking, sulky, laggard, dilatory, analog, tedious, clean, automatically, lagging, off, unemployed, ho-hum, built, wearisome, squashy, waterlogged, stuporous, huffish, cordless, stately, deadening, snail-paced, boring, clockwork, irksome, hebetudinous, muddy, sloppy, sloughy, clever, soggy, snaillike, thudding, doughy, softened, dillydallying, action, soft, miry, tiresome, shiftless, sluggard, slack, vacant, trifling, steady, muffled, measured, neutral, marshy, tardy, glooming, gloomy, sedate, broken, mucky, automatic, do-nothing, dallying, industrious, increase, muted, swampy, boggy, dumb, quaggy, deliberate, down, quiescent, indifferent, unoccupied, auxiliary, gloomful, hibernating.

Usage examples: