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Definition of solemn:

  1. Marked with religious gravity; affecting with seriousness; adapted to impress seriousness or reverence; having the appearance of seriousness or gravity; serious; reverential; devotional.


direful, drear, awe-inspiring, humorless, distinguished, sunless, appalling, terrible, stately, dark, miserable, my word is my bond, sepulchral, alarming, funereal, glum, officious, no-nonsense, dread, tenebrific, Earnest, august, ceremonious, attitude, portly, as good as your word, forlorn, humorlessly, majestic, desolate, morose, uncomic, sombre, saturnine, serious, dreich, grand, elegiac, happy, sober, grave, grievous, lonely, staid, empty, lugubrious, noble, heavy, life-threatening, dismal, darkening, drab, cross your heart (and hope to die), depressing, businesslike, horrible, sincere, imposing, divine, po-faced, black, plutonian, tenebrous, thoughtful, moody, murky, fearful, dangerous, sobersided, weighty, severe, austere, chill, in earnest, sedate, stern, earnest, dire, dreadful, broken, bleak, comfortless, on my honor, dreary, Cimmerian, hallowed, unsmiling, pensive, cheerless, cloudy, depressive, overwhelming, shocking, terrific, lonesome, frightful, gray, distingué, hollow, gay, dear, stolid, disconsolate, deep, substantial, unplayful, portentous, awful, sullen, cold, deliberate, heartfelt, morbid, godforsaken, wretched.

Usage examples: