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Definition of town:

  1. A farm or farmstead; also, a court or farmyard.
  2. A township; the whole territory within certain limits, less than those of a country.
  3. Any collection of houses larger than a village, and not incorporated as a city; also, loosely, any large, closely populated place, whether incorporated or not, in distinction from the country, or from rural communities.
  4. Any number or collection of houses to which belongs a regular market, and which is not a city or the see of a bishop.
  5. Formerly: ( a) An inclosure which surrounded the mere homestead or dwelling of the lord of the manor. [ Obs.] ( b) The whole of the land which constituted the domain. [ Obs.] ( c) A collection of houses inclosed by fences or walls.
  6. The body of inhabitants resident in a town; as, the town voted to send two representatives to the legislature; the town voted to lay a tax for repairing the highways.
  7. The court end of London;- commonly with the.
  8. The metropolis or its inhabitants; as, in winter the gentleman lives in town; in summer, in the country.


townsfolk, urban, township, townspeople, municipal, urban, community, civil.

Usage examples: