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Definition of bash:

  1. To abash; to disconcert or be disconcerted or put out of countenance.
  2. To strike heavily; to beat; to crush.


boot, pop, flush, screw, have it away, fringe, strike, free-for-all, attack, clout, love, hit, knock, smash, paste, slam, belt ammunition, have intercourse, roll in the hay, blast, occasion, charge, make out, affair, shindy, smite, sock, jazz, know, thrill, crack, bebop, roast, kick, hump, clip, sleep with, have it off, function, welt, slog, have sex, slug, do, clap, lick, biff, ut, lie with, sleep together, whang, eff, whack, bed, bam, bang, smasher, make love, have a go at it, get laid, sock it to someone, gala, soiree, wham, fete, doh, bonk, get it on, pound, knocking, belt, work, smash-up, whop, be intimate, brawl, overhead, group, thwack, whap, blowout, eruption, bop, crash, swat, rap, celebration, do it, let someone have it, catch, belted ammunition, rush, wallop, blow, restraint, shindig, conk, party, swath, festivity.

Usage examples: