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Definition of detonate:

  1. To cause to explode; to cause to burn or inflame with a sudden report.
  2. To explode with a sudden report; as, niter detonates with sulphur.


go ballistic, bomb, amplify, start out, combust, pop, blow a fuse, have a fit, have kittens, lose one's temper, trigger, explosion, set forth, expand, trigger off, flip one's lid, embroider, stir up, bayonet, start, offset, crump, puff up, enlarge, embellish, fire, lard, bombard, inflate, explode, actuate, blow up, depart, carve up, carpet-bomb, aggrandize, magnify, break loose, hit the ceiling, burst, instigate, fulminate, throw a fit, take off, bring out, set out, flip one's wig, dramatize, irrupt, trip, blow one's stack, shoot, cancel, burst forth, fly off the handle, pad, activate, part, set off, puff out, blitz, blow, go off, incite, aggrandise, puff, attack, touch off, discharge, bomb out, dramatise, blast, spark off, counterattack, blast, hit the roof, spark.

Usage examples: