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Definition of mettlesome:

  1. Full of spirit; possessing constitutional ardor; fiery; as, a mettlesome horse.


plucky, granular, gutsy, grainy, gallant, heroic, granulose, risque, lame, action, gamey, undaunted, dauntless, brave, feelings, intrepid, spunky, fortitudinous, spicy, enlivened, gutty, fear, bouncy, mealy, juicy, bold, gamy, feisty, hardy, gimpy, doughty, stouthearted, blue, dauntless, valorous, gritty, valiant, valiant, courageous, vibrant, fearless, game, audacious, bouncing, naughty, halting, halt, high-spirited, high, peppery, farinaceous, crippled, racy, unafraid, coarse-grained, spirited.

Usage examples: