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Definition of whop:

  1. A blow, or quick, smart stroke.
  2. To beat or strike.
  3. To strike heavily; to beat; to crush.
  4. To strike; to beat; to give a heavy or resounding blow to; to thrash; to make with whacks.
  5. To throw one's self quickly, or by an abrupt motion; to turn suddenly; as, she whapped down on the floor; the fish whapped over.


make love, bebop, whap, get it on, know, have sex, screw, sock it to someone, bang, slam, make out, sock, smite, conk, love, catch, roll in the hay, clip, hump, smash, hit, jazz, have it off, sleep with, biff, wham, have it away, bop, strike, whack, do it, knock, sleep together, thwack, bash, let someone have it, wallop, eff, clout, be intimate, pop, bed, have intercourse, slug, swat, attack, have a go at it, paste, lie with, bonk, belt, get laid, slog.

Usage examples: