Antonyms of AVENUE

Examples of usage:

  1. " I had been spending an hour or so at Professor Darling's, whose house in West Side is, as many here know, at the very end of Summer Avenue, and close to the woods that run along back of Mrs. Clemmens' cottage. "Hand and Ring" by Anna Katharine Green
  2. They threw stones at us, real stones, in the Avenue of Lichtental, and called us 'Rascally Frenchwomen! "Parisian Points of View" by Ludovic Halévy Commentator: Brander Matthews
  3. Otherwise the little place was hidden away behind a wall, approached by a short avenue from a gate some distance away. "Love of Brothers" by Katharine Tynan
  4. There he was- still distant, however- at the farther end of the avenue. "Fickle Fortune" by Elisabeth Burstenbinder (AKA E. Werner)
  5. Mr. Ames, the Director, was balked at every turn by the combined forces of Fifth Avenue and Wall Street, while the outrageous and impossible construction of the theater itself proved an insurmountable handicap. "More Portmanteau Plays" by Stuart Walker
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