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Definition of crawl:

  1. An inclosure on the coast for fish; the place set apart for fish in a fishing- boat.
  2. To creep; to move slowly, as a worm; to move on the hands and knees, as a child.


wince, stride, shilly-shally, hatch, slither, fast, decompression, kotow, infestation, tarry, stroll, diddle, flow, bulge, mope, balancing act, worm, meander, sneak, spook, belly, brim, belly flop, fall behind, creep, breaststroke, weirdo, abound, wander, Australian Crawl, recoil, trail, kowtow, amble, hum, backstroke, kiss someone's ass, hover, slouch, limp, teem, fear, lag, flutter, walk, hang back, saunter, drift, bustle, court, cower, huddle, rich, move, brown-nose, creep up on, crawling, cannonball, flinch, bathe, overflow, buzz, the butterfly, weirdy, dillydally, pander to, be on your best behavior, drag by, swarm, cringe, bristle, burst, shrink, drop back, pussyfoot, inch, big, dally, slide, climb, weirdie, squirm, snake, lollygag, bootlick, step, suck up, hike, creak, wriggle, ooze, squinch, truckle, front crawl, like, trickle, chirp, pullulate, creeping, nose, trek, ease, mouse, charm, fawn, writhe, infest, funk, beat, stray, bathing, grovel, fly, quail, alight, snail, toady, propitiate.

Usage examples: