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Definition of fuddle:

  1. To drink to excess.
  2. To make foolish by drink; to cause to become intoxicated.


kettle of fish, patchwork, rag, fix, intoxicate, trick, hold, imbibe, give, mess, dun, torment, crucify, confuse, clutter, smother, Drugs, obnubilate, mare's nest, flim-flam, jumbal, play a joke on, puzzle, make, stupefy, throw away, discombobulate, hurl, fox, blur, play a trick on, shed, mystify, hodgepodge, throw off, pledge, toast, clear, addle, pull a fast one on, booze, drink in, tope, have, play tricks, obscure, cast, bedevil, contrive, feelings, thrust, inebriate, switch, dizzy, frustrate, flip, flurry, cast off, salute, pickle, muddle, drink, shake off, drop, confound, project, puzzle, bemuse, perplex, make drunk, besot, bewilder, disconcert, jam, fob, welter, hole, wassail, befuddle, throw, put off, jumble, mix up.

Usage examples: