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Definition of honour:

  1. The esteem paid or due to worth; the expression of high respect; high rank or place; civilities; dignity; fame; scorn of meanness, the result of self- respect; token of respect; chastity; glory.
  2. To respect highly; to treat with deference or submission; to raise to distinction or notice; in commerce, to accept and pay when due, as a bill of exchange.


probity, veracity, homage, commendation, maintain, comply, prize, note, honesty, value, find, fairness, prise, keep an eye on, veneration, keep, laurels, faith, remark, abide by, approbation, reverence, admiration, reinforce, glory, honor, nicety, repute, respect, pureness, truth, scruple, detect, credit, troth, consideration, award, whiteness, loyalty, discover, respect, reward, watch over, innocence, esteem, accolade, obeisance, Uprightness, praise, integrity, celebrate, distinction, esteem, watch, pay back, lustre, mention, observe, applause, purity, take note, popularity, awarding, acclamation, deference, rectitude, repay, sinlessness, regard, fame, follow, notice, delicacy, estimation.

Usage examples: