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Definition of hysterical:

  1. Of or pertaining to hysteria; affected, or troubled, with hysterics; convulsive, fitful.


frantic, suffering from hysteria, angry, in a fit, incensed, tempest-tossed, convulsive, harrowed, wrought-up, raging, fanatical, rabid, emotional, confused, distracted, passionate, maddened, unrestrained, boiling, panic-stricken, frothing, fiery, turbulent, violent, jittery, carried away, cracked wide open, crazed, overexcited, distraught, wild-eyed, impassioned, blazing, psychoneurotic, thing, affected with hysteria, hysteric, morbidly excited, resembling hysteria, amuck, rampant, overwrought, tempestuous, impetuous, uncontrollable, furious, irrepressible, neurotic, wildly emotional, on a crying jag, raving, possessed, on a laughing jag, excited, beside oneself, troubled, agitated, vehement, unnerved, spasmodic, uncontrolled, nervous, emotionally disordered, in a frazzle, uproarious, fuming.

Usage examples: