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Definition of lovely:

  1. Having such an appearance as excites, or is fitted to excite, love; beautiful; charming; very pleasing in form, looks, tone, or manner.
  2. In a manner to please, or to excite love.
  3. Lovable; amiable; having qualities of any kind which excite, or are fitted to excite, love or friendship.
  4. Loving; tender.
  5. Very pleasing; - applied loosely to almost anything which is not grand or merely pretty; as, a lovely view; a lovely valley; a lovely melody.


immense, siren, what's the big idea?, choice, aesthetic, gangbusters, numero uno, brave, prime, peachy, heavenly, goddess, for crying out loud, unsurpassed, lovable, enchantress, what's that supposed to mean?, sensational, goodly, dynamite, banner, bewitching, divine, righteous, blue-chip, winsome, good, hooray, terrific, sterling, capital, looker, cover girl, engaging, captivating, nifty, awesome, hype, pleasurable, jim-dandy, top, will wonders never cease?, dope, gotcha, four-star, fascinating, supernal, classic, give me a break, stunner, radical, loveable, bumper, tip-top, A1, great, top-shelf, stellar, ravishing, out-of-sight, warm, brag, fetching, kind, top-flight, boffo, fab, good-natured, superior, likely, seemly, gone, first-string, down, sweet, babe, neat, fabulous, phat, swell, give me strength, loving, noble, grand, superlative, top-of-the-line, pin up, five-star, drop-dead, groovy, prize, beauty queen, blue-ribbon, brother, darn, cool, cheerful, wizard, a raving beauty, pleasant, marvelous, generous, primo, gentle, winning, taking, corking, for pity's sake, eye-catching, benignant, beauty, yippee, hell, beautiful, warm-hearted, endearing, A-OK, gilt-edged, mean, sensitive, beguiling, harming, enjoyable, for heaven's sake/sakes, like, aah, peachy keen, wonderful, prepossessing, topping, well-favored, restful, relaxing, hot, fine, beauteous, appealing, excellent, fantastic, cracking, fantabulous, tempting, knockout, agreeable, number one, keen, thank God/goodness/heaven(s), prizewinning, delightful, tender, slick, lovesome, par excellence, first-rate, nice-looking, bang-up, famous, caring, dandy, high-class, adorable, amiable, boss, enticing, crackerjack, pulchritudinous, nice, doll, first-class, frontline, cute, bully, top-notch, quality.

Usage examples: