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Definition of pretty:

  1. Tolerably; moderately.


moderately, dashing, dreamy, drop-dead, beautiful, well-favored, blessed, delightsome, deeply, agreeable, delicious, reasonably, unspoiled, savory, congenial, very, sanely, knockout, much, middling, slightly, sensibly, big, bewitching, delightful, mildly, goodly, gratifying, palatable, well, somewhat, prepossessing, thoroughly, delectable, beauteous, study at beautiful, greatly, proper, large, favored, cute, seemly, felicitous, like, personable, telegenic, really, appropriate, evenhandedly, pleasurable, rather, cost an arm and a leg, fetching, a lot, fitted, particularly, taking, favoured, partly, not come cheap, successful, clean, jolly, tasty, ravishing, enjoyable, more or less, picture-postcard, sweet, meet, thriving, indeed, bad, apt, winning, ample, a little, satisfying, uninterrupted, dulcet, passably, fine, quite, luscious, lovable, happy, aesthetic, befitting, nice, winsome, suitable, tempting, lovesome, immensely, right, darling, heavenly, sizeable, vaguely, fairly, welcome, good, prettily, prospering, fitting, a bit, engaging, panoramic, fascinating, pulchritudinous, enticing, applicable, cost/pay the earth, grateful, rather, likely, notable.

Usage examples: