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Definition of pure:

  1. Free from everything that can debase or render unclean; unpolluted; clear; not dirty; genuine; not adulterated; holy; guiltless; chaste; not foul; mere; absolute.


true, gross, very, fresh, unpolluted, unmitigated, stone, sheer, unmixed, applied, exquisite, purified, comminuted, definite, mellifluous, nice, white, upright, completely, dainty, thin, guileless, uncontaminated, sharp, handsome, clear, tenuous, keen, modest, unadulterated, virtuous, undefiled, beautiful, sex, slight, dreadful, undiluted, continent, absolute, curricular, subtile, classical, flat-out, unlimited, light, campy, theoretical, clean, blank, clear, damned, unmixed, unqualified, elegant, especially, altogether, melodious, innocent, real, excellent, unconditional, unsullied, unpolluted, philosophical, unspotted, small, accessible, Midland, chaste, flat, untainted, subtle, chaste, smooth, gauzy, native, incorrupt, sheer, as new, fine, continent, deadly, spotless, immaculate, undamaged, delicate, sublimate, virginal, full-strength, undefiled, artistic, out-and-out, refined, stark, double-dyed, f., everlasting, untarnished, sweet, vivid, dead, mixed, damn, clean, melodic, musical, G-rated, didactic, pellucid, just, artsy-craftsy, unstained, perfectly, cotton-picking, plumb, outright, minute, unalloyed, bright, lucid, mere, staring, straight, thorough, straight-out, all-out, classic, unadulterated, impeccable, particular, saturated, rich, thoroughgoing, unequivocal, tuneful, camp, sensitive, classic, unblended, graduate, virgin, lilting, axenic, avant-garde, clarified, genuine, pristine, categorical, baroque, stainless, big, simple, unmingled, academic, polished, virtuous, vestal, unclouded, uncorrupted, genuine, bodacious, unbroken, unblemished, holy, tentative, splendid, consummate, literally, limited, well-preserved, unproved, soft, proper, unrelieved, downright, slender, arrant, unimpaired, right, aesthetic, whole, harmonious, advanced, unbounded, immaculate, diachronic, intense, perfect, abstract, profound, crashing, perfect, lily-white, strong, restraint, complete, educational, sodding, rank, absolute, limpid, formal, real, total, unreserved, a, plain, concentrated, blooming, transparent, unmingled, guiltless, positive, regular, correct, mellow, utter.

Usage examples: