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Definition of clean:

  1. Free from awkwardness; not bungling; adroit; dexterous; as, aclean trick; a clean leap over a fence.
  2. Free from ceremonial defilement.
  3. Free from dirt or filth; as, clean clothes.
  4. Free from errors and vulgarisms; as, a clean style.
  5. Free from moral defilement; sinless; pure.
  6. Free from restraint or neglect; complete; entire.
  7. Free from that which is corrupting to the morals; pure in tone; healthy.
  8. Free from that which is useless or injurious; without defects; as, clean land; clean timber.
  9. To render clean; to free from whatever is foul, offensive, or extraneous; to purify; to cleanse.
  10. Well- proportioned; shapely; as, clean limbs.
  11. Without limitation or remainder; quite; perfectly; wholly; entirely.
  12. Without miscarriage; not bunglingly; dexterously.


tripping, cleanse, groomed, flat-out, correct, limited, peel, damned, divest, brisk, clean house, unerring, accurate, slap-up, bake, sheer, wholesome, ransack, spring-clean, houseclean, cloudless, blooming, clear out, card-playing, carbon sink, completely, lily-white, well-groomed, devoid, make clean, consummate, new, undress, all-out, admit, illegible, groovy, blanched, in toto, sponge, scant, trim, dreadful, keen, livid, economical, middling, precise, swooning, clean-cut, manila, dead, legal, squeaky-clean, crashing, low-cal, specific, light-colored, regular, nifty, tonic, reliable, reave, cotton-picking, comprehensive, well-defined, denudate, carbon-neutral, showy, lave, blame, color-coded, G-rated, unspotted, sex, honest, legitimacy, reasonable, chunky, blank, sweet, unclouded, ruled, just, sporty, bone, accepted, gaudy, legitimate, toom, unfermented, very, vestal, unused, immaculate, cleaned, blend, bright, pick, abuse, cold turkey, scrubbed, perfect, sassy, categorical, empty, refreshful, definite, void, leach, decorous, modest, cleansed, betting, skillful, especially, carbon trading, damn, white-hot, blanch, bonny, carve, unstained, disrobe, confusing, vindicated, the carbon cycle, wanton, fair-minded, uncase, angular, beak, great, unbiased, inoffensive, thorough, dismantle, out-and-out, virgin, utterly, fair, short, average, dry-cleaned, calorie-free, closed, refreshing, lite, light, dapper, bleached, jazzy, outright, white, clean and jerk, complete, wise, jolly, bold, neat, straight, cull, foray, dependence, lined, full-scale, discase, spic-and-span, plunk, beat, sort out, passably, lightheaded, unconditional, right, spare, reasonably, bodacious, concentric, abstemious, bulbous, vacuous, legally, bonnie, big, cracking, plumb, strip down, soiled, comedown, chill, flashy, shapely, clear-cut, conversational, fully, distinct, absolved, dirty, catalytic converter, rifle, thoroughgoing, particular, ablaze, altogether, unmitigated, absolutely, quite, unsoiled, rank, unblemished, biological control, tell the truth, easy, kosher, lightsome, fairly, exact, graceful, circuitous, current, wakeful, mop, totally, water-washed, literally, colored, deadly, fairish, independent, ashen, bracing, piece, swell, total, cold, peck, open, cleanable, sluttish, own up, scratch-and-sniff, downright, uncontaminating, dissipated, scour, scavenge, strip, spic, readable, bent, straight-out, entirely, discursive, spick, brash, idle, find fault, faint, chintzy, corking, percipient, cleanly, Midland, light-headed, pick up, antiseptic, exculpated, all, crack den, profound, whitened, legible, ability, clear, thoroughly, loot, regular, pluck, dandy, not bad, pick up after, unaddicted, sporting, invigorated, novel, crisp, weak, keep house (for someone), arrant, unaccented, straighten up, brush, rinse, pillage, sportsmanlike, clean-living, through and through, bust, crackhouse, clean up, deprive, speckless, aerodynamic, uninfected, strict, disinvest, dust, spotless, char, unblamable, asymmetrical, unsullied, beautiful, entire, concave, bang-up, lawful, decipherable, sharp, unarmed, refreshed, butchery, flat, overbold, unmortgaged, salvage, streamlined, well, deft, moral, innocuous, mediocre, diffuse, biodegradable, harmless, bully, foot, loose, plum, exonerated, somewhat, declamatory, unobjectionable, irreproachable, unclothe, evenhandedly, sticky, utter, peachy, impudent, wholly, cosher, impertinent, adroit, butcher, vacant, break up, washed, squared, clean out, promiscuous, chatty, stone, smashing, butter, full-strength, moderately, denude, natural, reinvigorated, absolute, fresh, addiction, plunder, unqualified, comely, saucy, smart, cleared, perfectly, snowy, biohazard, articulate, rightful, wholesome, sightly, bloodless, tasteful, pretty, pristine, nibble, sportsmanly, despoil, spick-and-span, clean-shaven, virginal.

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