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Definition of rabbit:

  1. Any of the smaller species of the genus Lepus, especially the common European species ( Lepus cuniculus), which is often kept as a pet, and has been introduced into many countries. It is remarkably prolific, and has become a pest in some parts of Australia and New Zealand.


Patagonian Belgian hare, Siberian, das, Silver, Normandy, cony, cottontail, bunny, mouse hare, European hare, Polish, Easter bunny, lagomorph, leveret, tapeti, swamp, Flemish, animal, lapin, hare, Chinchilla hare, dassie, coney, hyrax, rock rabbit, pika, Sylvilagus, Ostend, snowshoe hare, brush, Arctic hare, pygmy, Angora, snowshoe.

Usage examples: