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Definition of senseless:

  1. Destitute of, deficient in, or contrary to, sense; without sensibility or feeling; unconscious; stupid; foolish; unwise; unreasonable.


mistaken, unavailing, faineant, perverse, supererogatory, weak-minded, unaffected, ill-advised, otiose, stupid, out, purposeless, redundant, indiscernible, monstrous, infatuated, excess, superfluous, wild, extreme, lazy, wrong, mindless, spare, sound asleep, pointless, fast asleep, inconclusive, ineffectual, insensible, vacuous, diminished, bony, causeless, witless, false, indolent, ill-considered, soft-witted, wasted, nitwitted, childish, fatuous, under, supernumerary, undetectable, work-shy, cadaverous, reasonless, incorrect, irresponsible, atrophied, gaunt, out for the count, planned, unintelligent, ability, surplus, anomalous, brainless, cold, pinched, unreasonable, meaningless, skeletal, awareness, extra, asleep, purpose, hysterical, unmindful, insensate, emaciated, unconscious, semiconscious, out cold, ill-judged, futile, asinine, chimerical, erroneous, unpointed, slothful, forgetful, squandered, haggard.

Usage examples: